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Hello Again

Its been ages since my last blog. I have no excuse except that I have been really busy! Yes I know that is not a valid excuse! Savannah and I have delivered a few workshops and we have a talk coming up next week, but I was really surprised, when I looked at my blog traffic statistics at how many people have actually visited this blog. I feel like I have abandoned you all and I must apologize. Please if you do click on the site just leave me a comment to say you were here. Blogging into silence is not much fun!!

I am in such an inspired space at the moment . Many years ago, I used Julia Cameron’s book, ‘The Artists Way’ to inspire me with my art. She suggests writing morning pages every morning. These are three full pages of stream of consciousness thoughts that come to you when you wake up. The only requirement is that you write, even when you run out of ideas. Its for no one else but you. When I did it for my art, you have no idea what sort of ideas came to me, culminating in my icing a shack in an informal settlement which became a key work in my solo exhibition.

Morning pages are like cleaning out your psychic space, so that you can make space for your creativity to emerge. Well this morning I decided to do it for my writing ( I am working on a very exciting book and also on a website) and the ideas that came rushing in were amazing!! So… watch this space.

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