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I am currently in week 2 of the Courage Coaching Program run by The Ford Institute in San Diego. Based on the book ‘Courage: Overcoming Fear and Igniting Self Confidence’, due out in America in April 2012, I am in training to become one of only seventy five Courage Coaches in the world. Written by Debbie Ford for women, this course is designed to support you in standing in all your strength and to feel great about yourself by rebuilding your courage and your confidence, that enormous power that lies deep within the heart of every woman, but that we, for various reasons over the generations, have turned away from.

In this program, we learn to distinguish the false confidence of the ego, built on our achievements and the comparisons we make of ourselves in relation to others, and true and authentic confidence which comes from building our connection to our Divine inner nature. This type of confidence “comes from a deep knowing that we are spiritual beings, whole beings, human beings”. Divine confidence arises naturally when we view life through the eyes of our Divinity, seeing all of our experiences, both the positive and the negative, as there to help us, to encourage and invite us to connect with and remember who we are and why we are here.It can never be taken away or lost and it supports us to try new things and be brave and courageous, because its not just about us, and our failure, our shame, our embarrassment. It is sourced by principles such as the collective good, the connection between all people and a deep honouring of each and every expression of life.

And here once again is that choice. That choice that is available to every person every moment of the day. To see ourselves through the eyes of our ego as separate and alone and in a struggle for survival and to listen to that endless negative internal chatter of ‘you are not good enough, smart enough, lovable enough, its too hard, others do it better and on and on.. OR to vigorously seek out a deeper truth. The truth that each and every person is worthy,that every experience that you can possibly imagine is valid, that we each have a role to play and something to contribute and that we cannot even see the wider ripple effects of seemingly small gestures.

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