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Take a moment to click on the link below to Rosalind Sedacca’s website, and then click on the black tab which says Child Centered Divorce Month and scroll down to the second interview which is an interview I participated in last week with Rosalind Sedacca for International Child Centered Divorce month. Rosalind is the Voice of Child Centered Divorce Month in America,author of the book ‘How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce?’and she is also a director of WE Magazine and contributing writer to Exceptional People Magazine.

In the interview I get to elaborate on the work I do as a Spiritual Divorce Coach. The website contains several amazing interviews, blogs and tips, for anyone wanting to create a child centered divorce. Here is the link:


Enjoy and if you think anyone you know would benefit, please click ‘like’ or post the link on your website or facebook page.

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It is my deepest belief, that our external world is merely a reflection of our internal world,and that when we don’t like something in our external world, this is a red flag calling on us to go to work on our internal world.

This is especially true of relationships. Have you noticed that you can’t really fix or change someone else? If you spend your life trying to make people fit neatly into a vision of how you need or want them to be,you will end up angry, frustrated and disappointed.

This is crucial to understand because if you are making the issue about someone else, you are essentially powerless.The deeper truth is that relationships are mirrors showing us the qualities that we cannot, will not and refuse to see in ourselves and they are a rich source of information about our hidden beliefs about ourselves and the world.

Being willing to look at yourself from the outside in, is the most humbling yet powerful thing you can do, and it is the first step to taking back your power.When you identify the qualities you hate in someone else in yourself, you are doing your spiritual work , and gaining the sacred lesson that that person came into your life to teach you. Once you have that lesson, it often profoundly shifts the relationship , either by making it better, closer, more mature or by shifting the person right out of your space. And whether you stay or go , is not the issue. The issue is, did you look in the mirror and can you learn to accept or even love and have compassion for that unwanted part of you that you see so clearly in the other?

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